The Cracked Fiction of Who We Were Supposed to Be

When I was a high school sophomore I had a small-eyed flannel-wearing field-sport-coaching teacher for AP U.S. History, I'll call him Coach X, who was sort of a younger softer clone of the small-eyed flannel-wearing baseball-coaching AP U.S. Government teacher I'd have two years later. This was the South and Coach X was generally nice... Continue Reading →


The Headless Life

What thin rays of sun managed to slide between the bars and hit the gun store's windows got thrown back towards the street in a hot glare. I rang the bell. A blond tank of a dude cracked the door, peered down at me. Hi, I said. I pointed to the camera hanging from my neck.... Continue Reading →

A Case of the Rainbows

After some people and I taught each other things today I drove to a medical place to get an X-ray of my chest. For work. Some official people needed to know I didn't have tuberculosis, and I've had reactions to those terrible pricking skin tests, so they said: chest X-ray. Which, honestly, sounded kind of... Continue Reading →

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