A Sort of Initiation: Why I’m Still Conflicted About Having Taught For America.

The day I almost got shot--this was just over ten years ago--I was wearing new shoes. Espadrilles, actually. They'd put a serious dent in my April salary, and they were hardly practical, making only a Carrie Bradshaw-on-lithium kind of sense with the dowdy knee-length skirt I often wore to teach in. Braided straw and flowing... Continue Reading →


The Cracked Fiction of Who We Were Supposed to Be

When I was a high school sophomore I had a small-eyed flannel-wearing field-sport-coaching teacher for AP U.S. History, I'll call him Coach X, who was sort of a younger softer clone of the small-eyed flannel-wearing baseball-coaching AP U.S. Government teacher I'd have two years later. This was the South and Coach X was generally nice... Continue Reading →

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