Me in my hat. This hat is older than some children. It keeps my brain from frying in the sun.

I am a person, in, of, and sometimes out of a body. I live. I love and so on. I fail a lot. In the desert mostly right now, wherever I am is where all that happens. Because that’s how it works.

I am in words sometimes. Like here.

I am in sounds and sometimes try to make them listenable.

I climb rocks. I practice and teach yoga and arts and writing and stuff–more on that over here. Life is 100% showing up so I usually choose that. I am in love with my cat. If you knew her, you would be too, for real. I do a lot of dancing and some of it is in my mind. I try to dance (or struggle or trudge or whatever) up and through landscapes sometimes, that’s good for the mettle. I sketch and paint and make junk on occasion ’cause that’s an exercise in honesty, good for the hands.

On the best days I make people laugh/cry, and earn points in heaven.

Mostly though just thanks for reading. Do you know how nice that is? It’s nice. Bless you.


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