Here is an election-season story.

You drop your little rectangular window on the world and crack its glass. Then you drive your big machine far, too far, to where they fix little machines. You give your little window to the guy behind the counter (also full of windows), who seals it in a bag and shuts is in a drawer.... Continue Reading →


Less Than (Near Laramie)

The very lovely Zocalo Public Square published a poem of mine today. It's about a moment or three in Wyoming. Ahh, Wyoming. On the front page of this Zocalo issue, the poem's title and featured image appear next to an article explaining "How Mermaids Became a Real Problem for Scientists." I find this very pleasing.

A Poem.

Coda   In order to be happy, you have to believe that what is said to be the world is not complete. The goldfish glaring in the sun, the rainbow seen from the kitchen window--there is more, there must be more.   But the frayed bath towel is just the kind of thing that will... Continue Reading →

Two Poor Investments

About eight years ago I was fresh to California from New York City, pretty insomniac and drinking a lot, and generally just in really prime form to ride out a Mother F'ing Artist degree in the writing of poetry. That year, the program I was in thought it would be nice to have a guest... Continue Reading →

The Power of Not Knowing

Pretty cool to have this lil reflection on stuffs vertical and heady over @PsychAlive, a website run by some nice nonprofit-sponsored psychological health folks.

The Word Animal

The scaled and finned and furry are the ones who know. Meaning: I don't know them, utterly do not. I can't fathom their way of knowing. They seem totally uncurious about my way of knowing, so, like a good human, I presume their way is superior. This opinion's pretty popular with some folks I get... Continue Reading →

Fish Out of Water

Yesterday I told my mother over the phone a little bit about how some people have been pretty open with me about my having, er, 'limited myself' by making certain choices, and how I not only do not give a fuck, I have it via gut surround sound that I am in the right place,... Continue Reading →

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